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Levanto presents Cristallo, our exclusive range of natural quartz which is bound not just to impress but also to amaze. Cristallo is presented in a gorgeous white background painted with shades of bold and subtle gray and beige that is further marked by trenching like design in a dense veins pattern. This is deeply similar to the majestic root system of the natural soil system that runs deep into the earth bed and gives rise to some awe inspiring designs on stone. Mark it- the character of this range is a complimentary play of rigorous and extremely intricate yet subtle design and is manifested by the ostentatious magnetism of great dynamism and depth. Without a doubt this natural quartz series is a perfect emblem for the never ending relationship between the want and need of beauty and the game on stone that is further carved into distinguished architecture. This symbolism is the perfect representation of the Cristallo Series by Levanto- a mark of class and craft merged into one.

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Our Engineered Quartz Collection

With our years of experience we have crafted best engineered quartz slabs for all purpose use.