Levanto Quartz Slab Technical Specifications

Before heading for the shopping of Quartz Stone, it is extremely important for you to check out the technical aspects of the material. The Quartz stone will give an appealing look to your kitchen and make it completely look different from others. It does not need much maintenance and is highly durable.

Property Results Method
Water Absorption <0.05% ASTM C97-09
MOH's Hardness 6.5 - 7 MOH's Hardness Scale
Thermal Shock No Damage, Passed 5 Cycles ASTM C484
Compressive Strength 24000 Psi ASTM C170
Flexural Strength 8500 - 9000 Psi ASTM C880
Moisture Absorption Negligible ASTM C97
Wear Resistance Unaffected ANSI Z124.6
Chemical Resistance Unaffected ASTM C650


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Characteristics Levanto Composite Marble Porcelan Tiles Granite Imported Marble
Resistance to Chemicals
Resistance to Chemicals
Resistance to Impact
Resistance to Chemicals
Resistance to Impact
Resistance to Chemicals