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They say that the beauty lies in the beholder's eye but for us the real beauty lies beneath layers of unpolished stone. We are Levanto, India`s leading Quartz manufacturing and designing brand which literally eats, drinks and breathes Quartz. We are not just a stone manufacturing company but an institution that commits at mining the highest quality quartz stone and taking the final product to the whole new level. 


100% Natural Quartz. No Mix or adulteration

Sometimes about 10 percent of the material volume in a quartz slab isn't even stone at all. Rather, it's a polymeric or cement-based binder and the other 90 percent? Crushed up waste granite, marble, and natural stone or recycled industrial wastes, such as ceramic, silica, glass, and mirrors. At Levanto you are assured of 100% High Quality Natural Quartz in each slab


Pristine Grain less Finish

Our exquisite Quartz series offer sharp, tight, air- bubble free, with predominantly visible lines and marble equivalent translucency for the perfect floors, cook tops, countertops or designer home decor. The soft undertones offer a subtle look while the easy to clean surface ensures long lasting shine for many- many years.


Snow White Quartz Stone

Our exclusive white series is a heritage for generations. Softer shades of white along with highlights of stylish gray mingled with classic White Quartz. It`s so stunning that you cannot help but continue to look again and again. Use for your kitchen countertop or for your bathroom backsplash, flooring, or shower walls. Available in slabs of different dimensions and options for pre-fabricated materials


Extraordinary Scratch Resistance

Levanto Quartz offers extraordinary scratch resistance and stain deterrence. This makes our products exceptionally translucent and beautiful. The high density makes the products durable and break resistant while the superior grade of our mined quartz makes Levanto a preferred choice for your dream projects.

Our Collection

Most Exclusive and Unique Natural Stone could be part of Levanto

We are the leading processor and exporter of Quartz Slabs and dedicate our entire system to yield unmatched quality and unique designs to mark an extensive global presence. In conformity and commitment to excellence, the company has installed the most sophisticated and environment-friendly quartz processing manufacturing facility in Kishangarh, Rajasthan with state of the art machinery systems from Italy.

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Kishangarh- where Destinies are Mined

Why Kishangarh- because it is the center for breathtaking natural stone output. If you are looking for the finest collection of natural stone, quartz, quartzite and manufactures and natural quartz, then Levanto is your final destination.

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