Quartz Finishes

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Choosing The Premium Levanto Surface

Quartz gives high durability and strength to your slab surface. The German-engineered stone does not need much care, and it is a perfect example of craftsmanship. The spectacular outlook of quartz will transform your kitchen and turn it out into a classic masterpiece.

Polished Finish

Polished quartz has a reflective surface that will showcase the vibrancy of the Quartz stone along with its character. Its texture is extremely smooth, and it is nonporous. Due to its polished feature, you can easily see the depth and full color of the stone. Maintaining and cleaning the countertop surface would become extremely simple for you to retain its look.


Matte Finish

Matte Quartz absorbs the light and does not reflect it. The matte finish surface will show fingerprints and smudges. Besides that, it will conceal debris and crumbs. The Matte Finished Quartz does not shine, and it does not have a texture. The amazing quartz creates a nice layer of texture in your kitchen that does not create any glare effect. The surface is getting huge popularity among the audience these days.


Honed Finish

In Honed Finish Quartz, you will get a stone that has a consistent, smooth, and flat surface. Its natural-looking and fairly porous, the visible color is fairly lighter than the polished quartz. The stone has the organic appearance and would perfectly retain its genuine quality and give your kitchen an appealing look. The stone will neither have any bumpy texture nor any ridges. Besides that, it has no reflection properties.


Leather Finish

If your kitchen is inspired by contemporary designs, then you can go ahead with the leather finish quartz stone. It is a new style that is gaining a lot of attention from people worldwide. The quartz stone has a subtle appearance and has a dimple-like texture that claims to retain more of its natural color.