Environmental Commitment

Levanto Quartz is committed to delivering the highest quality products to the customers. Our quartz products have the seal of assurance on them and this is what makes Levanto one of the leading Quartz Manufacturers and Retailers globally. However we also ensure that the production process is environmentally friendly and also fulfills our commitment for a cleaner planet.

In the process of developing exclusively new products, Levanto Quartz is driven by the current market trends, customer tastes and likings, community expectations and environmental standards. This makes the responsibility of sustainable manufacturing practices to recycling technologies all the more important for us. Levanto Quartz produces high quality engineered quartz surfaces that contain more than 90% natural base material (quartz, glass, silica etc), polyester based resin binding agents and naturally acquired environment friendly color pigments that help us create magic on the slab surfaces. Though the quartz is an abundant natural source still we ensure that we mine only the much that is needed and reduce wasteful mining to the last degree. We ensure that we incorporate tremendous experience and latest manufacturing technologies to produce products that ensure quality but leave the least footprint on the environment. These factors ensure that our products are of high durability and exceptional properties. Our quartz slabs retain its properties and appearance even after years of continuous use, without the need for replacement.

The meticulous process includes complete standardization and detailed checks for health, safety, hygiene, and environmental point of view, with constant monitoring and reviewing of all the procedures and results at every step right from start to end. We also ensure that the end user also enjoys the safety of our quartz for ever that why we are certified for kitchen and domestic usage in bathrooms and flooring as well. We resource our quartz form the company owned and operated quarry which ensures that the raw material is guaranteed and also local sourcing helps in reducing the negative impact of transportation

The minimum use of harmful pigment, plastic covering, and good use of recycled products like mirror, glass, fillers and fall-outs generated during the processing of natural stone ensures the overall achievement of an Eco-friendly product chain. We also ensure that our electricity is generated using renewable sources including solar energy and our advanced state of the art water recycling system helps keep water wastage in check.

We’re also a responsible, sensitive and cooperative employer and thus our workers and employees enjoy a safe and hazard protected working environment.


At Levanto Quartz- we ensure quality but we never compromise on the commitment for Environment Protection

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